Facts, Information, Cleaning and Maintenance


Proper maintenance of your enclosure, covers and upholstery will ensure many additional years of better appearance and functionality. Below are some helpful links, facts and information relating to the products we utilize most frequently at Salt Marsh Canvas, Inc.

Canvas and Related Cover and Enclosure Materials:

Enclosures and covers should be taken down and stored during the winter months or extended periods of down time. This reduces the amount of extreme temperatures that the canvas and window material experience. Additionally, It reduces the amount of fabric and window plastic shrinkage over the years. Enclosure windows are very prone to breakage while experiencing cold temperatures. Finally, any reduction in UV exposure will ensure a longer life to your products. 

We recommend cleaning as often as possible. Use a microfiber cloth and/or a soft bristle brush with water to clean. Always clean inside and out especially all zippers. Some areas may not appear dirty, but salt from the air crystallizes on the frame, zippers and various materials, and needs to be removed. This will have a big impact on the life expectancy of your items and help in reducing the amount of mildew growth and dirt. 


Treating your canvas yearly with a protectant will add UV stability and water repellency back into the materials. Be careful to avoid overspray onto the windows. To treat your canvas, start by thoroughly cleaning and letting it air dry completely before spraying the protectant.


The most common maintenance expense is window glass replacement due to poor visibility or breakage. We recommend cleaning and polishing your enclosure windows every three months, or as often as possible, during use and prior to being put away for winter storage. Water, especially saltwater, that stays on the glass can act as a lens to greatly increase the effects of the sun eventually causing permanent pits, marks or discolorations in your glass panels. 

Rinse the windows with water prior to cleaning to remove any potential materials that might scratch the surface. Wash your enclosure windows inside and out. Clean the windows with new microfiber or burp clothes. A two-step cleaner/polish is recommended to remove scratches and improve overall optical visibility. 


A soft bristle brush and soapy water are best for keeping zipper cars and teeth clean. Each zipper should be moved up and down periodically to prevent zipper slides from corroding onto the zipper chain. Treat your zippers at least once a year or as often as possible. Beeswax is ideal for zipper maintenance, but any typical candle wax, non-silicon based lubricant or when nothing else is available Chapstick ® can keep them sliding. 


Vinyl upholstery such as seats, bolsters and combing pads require regular cleaning along with a thorough rinsing. Most stains can be cleaned with warm soapy water. Moderate scrubbing with a soft or medium bristle brush will help loosen and remove debris from crevasses. Vinyl materials can be susceptible and absorb stains and dyes from other fabrics. A protective treatment will help to reduce absorption. Some household cleaners and solvents remove plasticizers from vinyl making it brittle. 

Frames and Hardware:

A yearly cleaning the stainless-steel tubing and hardware fittings with a stainless-steel or metal cleaner/polish to remove rust residues, salt and dirt is recommended. 

Recommended Cleaners, Water-

proofers, Polishes & Degreasers, etc.


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